Telegram Archive Bots

First Of All What Was Happening With All The Bots In The Past Few Days Or Weeks?

Recently we migrated to new system of indexing and serving files. Cause old ways were costly and our services are mostly run free of cost and on donation. We do wanna provide files but not by paying the expense out of our pocket. The database cost of hosting using the old ways was going above thousand dollars. We can pay some small amount of our pocket but not thousands of dollars. So we migrated to a new method of indexing and serving files. In the past few weeks our main goal was to fix the bugs that were appearing , when we were migrating. Bugs were supposed to appear as this was a new way of doing things and it wasn’t done by anybody else before this and there was no boilerplate for this as well. Everything was created by Bhadoo The owner of HashHacker channel. As we updated few things we started to feel that the whole process of getting files also needs to be simplified so that it becomes very easy for the user to use in the future. Also the threat of copyright strike is always on our head. So we also wanted to make this community private. The process of doing these things is almost complete now. Keep reading below , to get answere to all of your question.

What Is This Profile System?

We have a implimented a new system of profile in order to go fully private after 31st may. When you create your telegram account , telegram assign a unique user id to your account, this can’t be changed unless you delete your account. You can change your name, username and everything else in telegram account but user id is stay intact thorough all these changes. We are using to create a unique profile of you, it will help us serve our subscriber, and ban the abusers as well. We can maintain various permission thorough this.

Can I Create A Profile Anytime?

Yes, you can create a profile any time you want till 31st may. After that we will not take any new user. We will only serve the user who have created their profile till then. Again all of our services will become fully private for our subscribers after 31st may. So if you wanna share the bots, now is the time.

How to create a profile or check if i have an profile?

You can start (send /start command) any of our archive bot (listed below) and that’s it. If you are unsure whether you have created a profile or not or if your profile creation was succesfull , you can just send /profile command to any of our bot and it will show you whether a profile is created or not. See images below.

Ok, Profile System Understood, What Are The Bot I Can Use And What Do They Provide?

Here is list of all the bots and what they provide. This list will be updated as we keep adding or remove services.Currently here are 7 file providers bots and 2 file to link bots are added in our organisation.

  1. FileServingBot & TGArchiveeuOrgBot - These two provides movies and tv shows files.
  2. MMHuntbot - Provides movies , specifically south indian and other regional language.
  3. TGA_AnimeBot - Provides anime in different qualities and different encodes.
  4. BhadooMusicBot - Provides music files , quality is upto flac.
  5. Modringsmanager_bot - Provides androud modded apps and games.

    We provide two file to link bot.

  6. LinkerX2bot
  7. LinkerX3bot

    Below are some bot that contains adult material, if you are not of appropriate age please don’t use these bot. No other warning will br provided.
  8. HEVCFapFilesBot - Provides HEVC X265 encoded nsfw files.
  9. TBIPornBot - This is just provides useruploaded nsfw files.
  10. MixMediaZBot - Provides mix media files uploaded by users.

Ok Now You Know All The Bots And What Do They Provide, How Can One Use Any One Of These Bot?

To use any of our bots which we mentioned just above, you have to set a channel. Follow the instruction below to set a channel.

  1. Send /setchannel command to any of the archive bots.

  2. Now tap on the ‘Add or create channel’

    If you dont see the Add or create channel tap on the button shown in the image below.

  3. Tap on ‘Create a new channel for this’

    You can use an old channel you created but we recommand you use a new channel to avoid any issue that might occur with old channel.

  4. Give channel a name and tap on create.

    It will immediately show you a response as shown below.

  5. Tap on “Click here to set channel”, It will show response something like shown below.

    Congratulation, you have completed the task of setting a channel succesfully. Just wait a few minutes and send the /profile command to the bot. It will show you the channel id set in User Channel id section.

    I used FileServing bot for this example but you can use any of the archive bot you like.

    Now type @Fileservingbot in the chat bot or send /start command once again and tap on the ‘Use inline mode’ button and type the movie or shows name.

    File will be send in your channel.

Ok You Have Setupped One Bot Successfully, What If You Wanna Use Other Bots As Well, What Should You Do?

You can use the same channel for all the archive bots , You just need to Start the bot you like and then follow process. Let’s setup MMHuntbot with the same channel now.

  1. Start the second or third bot you wanna use , i am using MMHuntbot for example. Send /start command and then /setchannel command after that. It will tell you that your channel is already set. Now you just have to add this bot in the channel to get files.

  2. Just tap on ‘Add or create channel’ and select the channel we used earlier.

  3. It will show you a response like show below.

    Now you are ready to use the bot, just tap on use in line mode. And file will be sent to the channel.

Ok, You Have Successfully Setupped The Bot, How Can You Get Download Links With The Files As Well?

To get download links with the you have to setup LinkerX services in the same channel. Let’s do that.

  1. Start either LinkerX2bot Or LinkerX3bot. And send the /setchannel command to it.

  2. Now add the bots that are show below as an admin in the channel we used earlier. Tap on the bots name button one by one and choose the channel we created earlier. See example below.

  3. Give the Bot the permission and tap on ‘Add Bot as Admin’ and repeat the same process untill you have add all these bots in the channel with permission.

    It should look like this in the channel admin page once you added all the bots.

  4. Now send your channel id with /setchannel command as show below. To get your channel id you can send /profile command or /setchannel command to any of the archive bot , they will give you the channel id.

    Scucess Message should look like shown below.

    See the below images for example on how can you find the channel id.

And you are all set. Now if you get andy file using any archive bot you will get it with download link. Also you can forward any file to the channel to get downnload link of that file as well.Check the demo below.

This is all for today. I hope this tutorial was easy to follow as i have tried to make it as simple as possible with image instructions. Have nice day.